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Linux on the ASUS c100p Chromebook "Flip"

The ASUS c100p Chromebook “Flip” is now AUE so no more ChromeOS updates for this little machine. I had bought two of these for my kids and we got our fair use out of them with ChromeOS. I am unable to let a great piece of hardware like this die so below are some Linux images that I built from scratch that you can install to an SD Card and use on the c100p.

Future Plans

When I have time, I will explore running ChromiumOS (Open Source ChromeOS) on this baby. Maybe build ChromiumOS from scratch.

What you need

  • A PC/Laptop running MacOS/Windows or Linux.
  • An SD Card readerdevice. Either built in to your PC/Laptop or an external USB one.
  • An SD Card or USB stick. Your SD Card or USB stick must be 8GB or larger to be able to write these images!!. I have not tested this from a USB stick but it should work.
  • Your trusty c100p Chromebook “Flip”


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