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ASUS Chromebook "Flip" c100P Developer Mode

Before you can install Linux on the c100p you must put the device into “Developer” mode. Developer mode essentially resets the c100p and unlocks the device.

  • Shutdown the device
  • To invoke Recovery mode, you hold down the ESC and Refresh keys and press the Power button
  • At the Recovery screen press <CTRL> D. Note: there's no prompt - you have to know to do it
  • Confirm switching to developer mode by pressing enter, and the laptop will reboot and reset the system. This takes about 15-20 minutes
  • After enabling developer mode - At the “OS Verification is off” screen - you will need to press:
    • <CTRL> D to boot to legacy ChromeOS
    • <CTRL> U to boot to Linux
  • To hard reboot the c100p in case of lockup Hold Refresh button and press the Power button

Enable booting from External storage

  • Sign back into your c100p
  • Open Chrome
  • Open a crosh shell using <CTRL><ALT> T and type:
sudo su
crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_signed_only=0
  • Reboot the system to allow the change to take effect. Use <CTRL> D to go to the original Chrome OS
  • Shut down the system

You now have developer mode enabled on your c100p. Be mindful of the <CTRL> D <CTRL> U boot options outlined above.

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