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Command Line SQR in Unix

Running sqr programs through the command line in UNIX is not difficult.

Steps for running SQR's in UNIX:

  • Set your Environment
  • Create the run_sqr shell script
  • Run the SQR

Setting your environment

After connecting to the unix environment, set up your PeopleSoft Environment. Notice that the command below contains a dot “.” followed by a space. The examples below use the DPSHRDPS environment.

prompt$ . /opt/psoft/hcm88/dpshrdps/

Creating the "run_sqr" shell script

Create the run_sqr shell script. Make sure that you giv “execute access through the shell with chmod 755 run_sqr Replace the values for PS_HOME, PROG and DB. Remember to replace the XXXXXX with the database's sysadm password. A sample run_sqr shell script is given below:

$SQR $PROG $DB -I$PS_HOME/sqr/,$PS_HOME/sqr/user/ -O/tmp/sqr.log -F/tmp/ -ZIF$PS_HOME/sqr/pssqr.ini

Running the SQR

This should be as simple as:

prompt$ ./run_sqr

The SQR Log sqr.log file will end up in /tmp along with the report output. feel free to change run_sqr's -O and -F parameters if you want the files to end up in different locations.

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