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Blaze Rules Engine to PS Integration Broker Checklist

  1. On appserver is /blaze mounted?
  2. On PIA is /blaze mounted?
  3. IB Node Properties (bindings, JMSUser/JMSPassword)
  4. Are MQ jar files on WAS? WEB-INF/lib along with providerutil.jar?
  5. Restart PIA
  6. Restart Appserv
  7. Boot/reboot Blaze
  8. “Cannot connect to Queue manager” means that you need to stop & restart the JMSListeningConnectorAdministrator?cmd=stop && ?cmd=start
  9. “External system is not responding”: Blaze is down or bad xml sent. See rules engine configuration in “Setup HRMS”
  10. Supply userid/pass in either node properties or in
  11. class not found. jar files. if jar files then reboot PIA.
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