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Starting and Stopping a CONCUR Server

Summary of Issue:

Starting and stopping Concur weblogic server. User recieves page not found error when going to http://nxatmcl1:7001/concur/expense

Resolution of Issue:

The Concur Weblogic server is on NXATMCL1. Everything referenced in this document will take place on NXATMCL1.

The scripts to start/stop the server are in D:\bea\user_projects\domains\mydomain

To start the server you would click on startWebLogic.cmd in the directory above or alternativly you can go to Start → Programs → BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 → User Projects→ mydomain → Start Server To stop the server you would click on stopWebLogic.cmd Once you click on the Start Server or startWebLogic.cmd a DOS window will appear detailing the startup of the server. You will need to minimize this and then exit remote desktop by clicking on the X button rather than logging out of the box. If you log out of the box the weblogic server will shutdown.

Verify that you can now login to http://nxatmcl1:7001/concur/expense

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