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Glassfish v3 primer

Glassfish v3 was installed by the Netbeans 6.8 IDE into ~/sun/sges-v3/glassfish

This is a quick and dirty way of getting glassfish v3 up and running. No passwords for admin no nothing!

Create a New Domain called "netbeans"
cd ~/sun/sges-v3/glassfish/bin
asadmin> create-domain --portbase 2000 --nopassword netbeans
Using port 2048 for Admin.
Using port 2080 for HTTP Instance.
Using port 2076 for JMS.
Using port 2037 for IIOP.
Using port 2081 for HTTP_SSL.
Using port 2038 for IIOP_SSL.
Using port 2039 for IIOP_MUTUALAUTH.
Using port 2086 for JMX_ADMIN.
Using port 2066 for OSGI_SHELL.
Distinguished Name of the self-signed X.509 Server Certificate is:
[CN=gen2.5941.local,OU=GlassFish,O=Sun Microsystems,L=Santa Clara,ST=California,C=US]
No domain initializers found, bypassing customization step
Domain netbeans created.
Domain netbeans admin port is 2048.
Domain netbeans allows admin login as user "admin" with no password.
Command create-domain executed successfully.
Deleting the default domain "domain1"
asadmin> delete-domain domain1
Domain domain1 deleted.
Command delete-domain executed successfully.
Starting Domain "netbeans"
asadmin> start-domain netbeans
Waiting for DAS to start ......
Started domain: netbeans
Domain location: ~/sun/sges-v3/glassfish/domains/netbeans
Log file: ~/sun/sges-v3/glassfish/domains/netbeans/logs/server.log
Admin port for the domain: 2048
Command start-domain executed successfully.
Stopping Domain "netbeans"
asadmin> stop-domain netbeans
Waiting for the domain to stop .....
Command stop-domain executed successfully.

At this point you can visit the following URL's to see if everything is working.

http://localhost:2080 for the main application web page
http://localhost:2048 for the administration console

To do more asadmin command line stuff for our new domain, you need to tell asadmin some info via environment variables:

   export AS_ADMIN_HOST=localhost
   export AS_ADMIN_PORT=2048
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