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Publishing Actuate "rox" files (acshell)

There are several ways to publish an ROX file to an Actuate Server:

  • Management console (but tidious)
  • acshell or egclient using RSAPI (it works only if you have one volume since it was the API use prior to version 6 when Actuate Server could only use a single volume)

* Information Delivery API (Web Service), this would be the best way and there is a Java example in “ServerIntTech\WebServices\Examples\Axis Client\source” called / This API has been introduced with Actuate 6 and support all new features of the server.

Issues using acshell from Actuate 8 to Actuate 9

The v8 acshell is compatible with v9 iServer but there is a slight difference in an iServer property called “ServerRPCProgramNumber”. ServerRPCProgramNumber is set to 620003 in v8 iServer but set to 720003 in v9 iServer. The v8 acshell uses 620003 to connect to the iServer, so it cannot 'see' the v9 iserver using 720003.

You can change the iServer property by modifying the in \Actuate9\iServer\etc\acserverconfig.xml file so that includes the following line in the <server> section:

ServerRPCProgramNumber="620003" >

Then restart the iServer.

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