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Ayush Zutshi - Resume

Senior PS Developer/Architect/DBA
PeopleSoft 8.0-8.8 Experience
US Citizen

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 629-2429
Fax/Alternate Phone: (301) 468-6378
Email: azutshi [at] zutshigroup [dot] com or ayush.zutshi [at] gmail [dot] com
Mailing Address:
Ayush Zutshi
5941 Valerian Lane
Rockville, MD, 20852


I will be available around the end of July 2006


  • Contract or Corp-to-Corp positions only. No W2 positions please.
  • Positions in the Washington D.C, metro area only.

Experience Summary

  • Eleven years of broad-based and diversified PeopleSoft experience associated with 17 successful Federal/Commercial client implementations/upgrades.
  • PeopleSoft upgrade experience both as a developer and as a PeopleSoft administrator. PeopleSoft 7.5 to 8.0 and 8.0 to 8.4-8.9 upgrade experience as well.
  • PeopleSoft 8.x experience – Internet Architecture and new modules in HRMS.
  • PeopleSoft 8.4/8.8 experience – Internet Architecture and new technologies in Financials.
  • Exposure to new PeopleSoft 8.x technologies such as Application Messaging, Component Interface, Business Interlink, Application Security Model, LDAP and Single Sign-on and the PeopleSoft Integration Gateway and Messaging.
  • Extensive configuration management experience specific to PeopleSoft implementations
  • Full project life-cycle management experience using ERP products
  • Successful PeopleSoft Commercial software implementation background
  • Direct supervision of 10+ professional team members
  • Eight years of software application development experience in file-server, network, SMP, database and client-server environments
  • Multiple RDBMS platform DBA experience (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Extensive PeopleSoft Upgrade Life Cycle Experience * Extensive PeopleSoft Interface Experience using SQR, Perl; Component Interface; Application Messaging and the PeopleSoft Integration Broker.
  • Accomplished developer with PeopleTools, PeopleCode, Application Engine, SQR (some COBOL)
  • Presented at multiple PeopleSoft User Conferences


Washington & Lee University (Lexington, VA), 9/89 – 6/93
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science; The College.

Application Training

  • PeopleSoft
    • PeopleTools I
    • PeopleTools II
    • PeopleCode
    • Data Administration Tools & Upgrade
    • Tested out of PeopleTools 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 7.5x
    • PeopleTools I & II, Delta for PeopleSoft 8.0
    • PeopleCode 8.x
  • Oracle
    • Oracle Database Administration I 7.x.x
    • Oracle Database Administration II 7.x.x
    • Oracle 10g Admin Workshop I (cbt)
    • Oracle 10g Admin Workshop II (cbt)
  • Sybase
    • Database Administration for Adaptive Server Enterprise (11.9.2)
  • Microsoft
    • Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server (6.5)
  • Rational
    • SQA Robot

Other Expertise

Unix: Tcl/Tk, Expect, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, pgp, gpg, VNC, Shell Scripting on the Bourne and Korn Shells, Autosys
System Administration: Autosys JIL scripts, DNS, NFS, TCP/IP Performance Tuning, Samba, SMTP, XNTP, openldap, ssl, samba, qmail, Zope and various other tools and skill sets.
Programming Languages: Some C, SQR, LISP, Prolog, Pascal, Python, Modula-2, PHP, Ruby, ruby on rails, Perl 4 & 5, COBOL, Visual Basic, some Java and JavaScript.
RDBMS: Some DB2 on OS390 (Mainframe); Sybase Systems 4, 10 and 11; Oracle 6, 7, 8, 9i and 10g; Microsoft SQL Server 6.5; MYSQL 4.x.
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, Unix: HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, VMS, SGI Irix, MacOS, SunOS/Solaris 2.51, 2.6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Compaq/Digital Tru64 Unix and some OS390/MVS.
PeopleSoft: Process Scheduler, Application Designer, Security Administrator, SQR, Application Engine, Application Upgrader, Import Manager, EDI Manager, Workflow, Self Service, PeopleBooks Installation and Administration, Application Server Configuration and Administration, Report Server Administration & Configuration, Component Interface, XML, PeopleCode I-scripts, PeopleCode.
Vantive: Some development and configuration experience
Stat: STAT Installation and Creation and Migration of CSR SWAT sets.


PeopleSoft 8 HRMS Internet Architecture Stress Testing – a white paper.
Authored a Qwest in-house white paper on the capacity and the capability of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture to handle large volumes of concurrent users on the HP-UX Unix and the Windows NT operating systems.
1997 PeopleSoft User Conference Orlando FL.
Presentation Topic: PeopleSoft System Interfaces Tips and Tricks. Spoke in front of 3000 people on the subject of Data Migration from mainframe to Client/Server RDBMS systems. Interface Methodology from the design stage through final rollout of application(s) that connect widely differing systems seamlessly.
1996 PeopleSoft User Conference San Diego CA.
Presentation Topic: Interfacing PeopleSoft to Lotus Notes. Presented the definitive methodology on connecting PeopleSoft screens to a Lotus Notes system.
SQR Techniques and Style Manual.
Authored an in-house manual defining correct style as well as many techniques and code examples for SQR Programming.
Change Management Tool
Programmed the Litton-PRC Change Management Tool. A program that manages software customization requests in a Rapid Application Design (RAD) Environment – includes PeopleSoft’s object locking model as well as OLE/DDE interfaces to Microsoft Excel and MS Projects.
8.4 Role Rename Utility
Programmed a PeopleSoft role rename utility that copies a role and then inserts the source role’s user profiles into a new role.
PeopleSoft Trace to SQL Utility
Programmed the PeopleSoft Trace to SQL utility. A web based common gateway interface program that takes a PeopleSoft trace file and returns properly formatted SQL.


Application Architecture Design and Support Engineer (09/2005 – Present)

At Sprint-Nextel (Herndon, VA) Mr. Zutshi joined the Architecture team that maintains the enterprise PeopleSoft HRMS/Payroll/Benefits, Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) and Financials Supply Chain Management systems. Mr. Zutshi was responsible for maintaining databases, application servers; conducting fresh builds of development and testing systems used to support the abovementioned enterprise production systems. In addition, Mr. Zutshi was responsible for generating all the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance reporting for Sprint-Nextel’s auditors.

PeopleSoft HRMS Developer/Enhancements and Production Support Analyst (09/2003 – 09/2005)

At Nextel Communications Inc. (Herndon, VA) Mr. Zutshi performed data conversion of Nextel Retail Services onto the existing PeopleSoft system. Customized and performed production support for the following: PeopleSoft Payroll processes; PeopleSoft Expenses to Payroll enterprise integration points (EIP); solved integration issues between Nextel’s portal and the PeopleSoft production environment; solved integration issues between Microsoft Outlook and PeopleSoft Workflow; programmed various enhancements to the HRMS system including customizations to Employee and Manager Self Service; analyzed and implemented PeopleSoft HRMS, Payroll and eBenefits bundles in the production system as well as various SQR interface modifications and enhancements. In addition, Mr. Zutshi assisted in the design, development and rollout of a PeopleSoft Payroll automation product which integrates PeopleSoft Payroll jobs with the Autosys job scheduling tool. The tool allows Nextel to automate a vast majority of the many hundred jobs that need to be run to get bi-weekly payroll accomplished.

PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade Technical Lead (04/21/2003 – 09/2003)

At Coventry Healthcare Inc. (Bethesda, MD) Mr. Zutshi performed the complete upgrade of a PeopleSoft Financials system from version 8.0 to 8.4. Tasks included: generation and analysis of upgrade compare reports; performing all upgrade tasks using the PeopleSoft Upgrade Assistant; implementing “required for upgrade” patches as well as Financials applications fix-bundles for the AP, AM, GL, TR and PO modules. Mr. Zutshi created and configured application servers and PIA’s; debugged online and batch programs using application engine and PeopleCode; configured the PeopleSoft XML journal load utility; implemented Application server “shared” cache; configured the PeopleSoft integration gateway; optimized PeopleSoft security; helped with the implementation of the XRT EIP for bank loads to the Treasury system along with performance tuning the GL edit and post processes.

PeopleSoft HRMS/eRecruitment Developer (01/01/2002 - 02/10/2003)

At Freddie Mac (Tysons Corner, VA) Mr. Zutshi helped develop the customized Freddie Mac eRecruitment system by building custom pages for use by internal applicants to apply for jobs within the company. Other tasks included: converting data from the legacy Restrac recruitment system; the construction of various workflow objects and an application designed to group data items used by workflow that cannot be gleaned from current system data. Mr. Zutshi also built a custom duplicate applicant system in application engine along with a hire system that used application messaging; component interfaces and application engine. Other tasks at Mr. Zutshi performed at Freddie Mac were the development of an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system that allows all Freddie Mac employees to be rated for calculating Salary actions and bonus amounts; as well as general production support for the HRMS and Payroll systems. Mr. Zutshi also aided in PeopleTools and application upgrades to the PeopleSoft HRMS 8.1 system.

PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS Developer

At DynCorp (Reston, VA) Mr. Zutshi developed various Financials reports for the General Ledger and Projects modules in PeopleSoft. Mr. Zutshi also worked on complex PeopleCode issues modifying General Ledger Panels in order to implement Inter-Unit Accounting at DynCorp. Mr. Zutshi was also responsible for overseeing various production fixes in the HRMS environment as well.

PeopleSoft Upgrade Specialist – System Architect

At Qwest Communications Corporation (Ballston, VA) Mr. Zutshi was a member of the PeopleSoft technical Architecture team. In his role as a system architect, Mr. Zutshi performed stress tests on the new PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) to study the capacity and capability of the new architecture. Tasks included clustering and tuning Weblogic and Apache web servers; implementing failover strategies for PeopleSoft applications servers as well as a study on various load-balancing methodologies for web servers such as “round-robin” DNS etc. Mr. Zutshi also assisted in troubleshooting and performing the PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade from PeopleSoft 7.5 to PeopleSoft 8.0. Unfortunately, budget constraints at Qwest caused this upgrade effort to be cancelled.

PeopleSoft Developer (Interface Development)

For Enterprise Solutions Group – ESG (Fair Lakes, VA) Mr. Zutshi researched and wrote a PeopleSoft Payroll to Lawson General Ledger interface for McKesson Pharmaceuticals, NJ.

PeopleSoft DBA (Part-time DBA/Systems Analyst)

At Service Employees International Union – SEIU (Washington, DC) Mr. Zutshi installed the new hardware required for the implementation of PeopleSoft 8.0. Mr. Zutshi performed the install of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and PeopleSoft Financials including the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA).

PeopleSoft Install Engineer/Architect

At CIMA Consulting (Mexico City, Mexico) Mr. Zutshi installed PeopleSoft 8.0 Financials including the 3-Tier Architecture, RDBMS Software, PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) and numerous 3rd Party software subsystems for a development environment for a project based in Honduras.

Senior Upgrade Analyst

At Lockheed Martin (Valley Forge, PA) Mr. Zutshi did presentations on the Upgrade Lifecycle and assisted with various tasks such as troubleshooting PeopleSoft 8.0 installation issues; Project Plan review and some Oracle Database issues. The project has been since been rescheduled for sometime next year.

PeopleSoft Install Engineer

At Department of Treasury (Washington, DC) Mr. Zutshi successfully completed a PeopleSoft 8.0 Installation and worked extensively with the new PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA), configuring PeopleBooks online as well as the new PeopleSoft Employee Portal.

Senior Upgrade Analyst/Database Administrator

At Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu, HI) Mr. Zutshi helped in successfully upgrading a PeopleSoft Financials system from PeopleSoft 6.0 to PeopleSoft 7.53. Mr. Zutshi assisted in generating and analyzing upgrade compare reports; performing the upgrade as well as recommending architecture configurations for PeopleSoft's application server technology. Mr. Zutshi also assisted in performing various tuning methodologies to the Sybase Adaptive Server as well at to the Unix Digital Tru64 operating system. He assisted in writing additional interface programs to the PeopleSoft Purchase Ordering module as well as implementing PeopleSoft fixes and debugging PeopleCode.

General Troubleshooter

As a general Troubleshooter at Maxwell Air Force Base (Montgomery, AL), Mr. Zutshi aided the U.S. Air force in over viewing procedures and protocols for the administration of their AFROTC's PeopleSoft Student Administration system. Mr. Zutshi assisted Air Force personnel in understanding Change Management procedures, Upgrade/Fix management as well as a full Operating System and RDBMS audit.

Senior Upgrade Analyst/Database Administrator

As the Senior Upgrade Analyst at the National Steel & Shipbuilding Company (San Diego, CA), Mr. Zutshi successfully upgraded an Existing PeopleSoft HRMS 7.02 system to PeopleSoft 7.51. In Addition Mr. Zutshi recommended and facilitated NASSCO’s server and application configurations. He mentored NASSCO’s Oracle Database Administrator in the installation and maintenance of development, systems integration test and production environments for the PeopleSoft 7.51 HRMS product line. Mr. Zutshi performed the full PeopleSoft upgrade lifecycle including: Oracle system upgrades; installation of PeopleSoft HRMS7.51; the generation of Upgrade Comparison Reports; and the PeopleTools object copy process.

Database Administrator

As a Microsoft SQL Server Database administrator at Atlantic Research Inc. (ARC – Manassas, VA), Mr. Zutshi performed a host of RDBMS, physical server and PeopleSoft Application tuning and maintenance tasks. These tasks included tuning the SQL Server; tuning the Windows NT operating system; the application of Tax upgrades to the PeopleSoft HRMS system; PeopleTools upgrades and Tuxedo middleware upgrades. In addition to the above Mr. Zutshi wrote custom middleware C code (using the DB-Lib and Net8 dynamic libraries) to interface PeopleSoft Accounts Payable software on Microsoft SQL Server/NT to Oracle Financials/Manufacturing software running on Oracle/HP-UX.

Upgrade Consultant

As an upgrade consultant to Baptist Health Systems (Birmingham, AL) an affiliate of Shared Medical Systems (Malvern, PA), Mr. Zutshi performed an install of the PeopleSoft 7.5x product family on an IBM mainframe running OS/390 and DB2. Mr. Zutshi advised the client on various upgrade strategies and methodologies, and assisted in the creation of the upgrade project plan.

Technical Team Lead/Database Administrator

At Sterling Commerce Inc. (Dublin, OH), Mr. Zutshi led a technical team of ten developers in a multiphase PeopleSoft Financials 7.0 implementation on Microsoft SQL Server. Mr. Zutshi was responsible for a mid-implementation upgrade to PeopleSoft Financials 7.5. As the scope of the project changed Mr. Zutshi ported the whole implementation to Sybase System 11 and along with his team rolled out a PeopleSoft financials system worldwide.

Payroll Interface Consultant

As a Payroll interface consultant to America Online (Chantilly, VA) Mr. Zutshi developed a custom SQR program that interfaces PeopleSoft HRMS to the proBusiness payroll-processing engine. This interface performs real time tracking of PeopleSoft changes and automatically updates ProBusiness. Mr. Zutshi also employed specific Sybase tuning methodologies, which resulted in the batch mode of the interface performing transactions at 1.6 million transactions per hour.

Senior Consultant – Technical Team Lead

At Hilton Hotels Corp. (Beverly Hills, CA), Mr. Zutshi led a technical team at a multi-site multi-million dollar PeopleSoft implementation of HRMS and Financials where he created: interfaces to various Benefits outsourcing companies; a seamless database link interfaces between PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS. Mr. Zutshi also performed the installation of PeopleSoft HRMS and various Financials modules on Hilton’s File server, Hewlett-Packard 9000 K570 Database Server, and various client workstations and provided assistance on the install of the PeopleSoft Winframe Server.

Batch Systems Programmer

At Qualcomm Inc. (La Jolla, CA), Mr. Zutshi wrote Bourne, Korn and C – shell scripts to automate various batch jobs for the HRMS implementation. Mr. Zutshi conducted on-site evaluations of server load balancing; scheduling and the timing and impact of executing various PeopleSoft batch jobs on a timed schedule.

Senior Consultant – Technical Team Lead

At Sybase Inc. (Emeryville, CA), Mr. Zutshi implemented PeopleSoft HR; including a custom interface to Pro-Business payroll, a custom interface to Lotus Notes which projected PeopleSoft functionality to Sybase offices globally. Implemented PeopleSoft Workflow as well as numerous production control UNIX scripts.

Batch Systems Programmer

At Black & Decker (Towson, MD), Mr. Zutshi wrote Bourne, Korn and C – shell scripts to automate various batch jobs for the Hewlett Packard Server running UNIX. Mr. Zutshi mentored client IS staff and conducted informal tutorials on the shell programming languages in UNIX.

Oracle Database Administrator (Trainee)

At Bayshore Hospital (Asbury Park, NJ), Mr. Zutshi was responsible for the day-to-day database related implementation activities including change management, database sizing and backup/recovery schedules.

Test Engineer

As a test engineer at PeopleSoft Inc. (Pleasanton, CA), Mr. Zutshi participated in testing out the installation Process for PeopleSoft 5.1x. He also helped to write the following PeopleBooks: “Installation and Administration for Microsoft SQL Server” and “Installation and Administration for Sybase”. Mr. Zutshi led the team that performed acceptance testing for the PeopleSoft Payroll Interface Module HRMS 5.12. Mr. Zutshi also aided Microsoft, Sybase and PeopleSoft engineers with the platform certification of the (then) new Sybase System 11 and Microsoft SQL Server (beta).


At Service Employees International Union - SEIU (Washington, DC), Mr. Zutshi assisted in the installation of the PeopleSoft product. He also performed minor online customizations at the request of the client.


At ICF Kaiser Intl. (Vienna, VA), Mr. Zutshi implemented PeopleSoft HR, Payroll and Base Benefits himself. He performed a PeopleSoft System upgrade from PeopleSoft 4 to 4.11. Mr. Zutshi also designed, programmed and implemented numerous online GUI customizations, SQR back-end processes, Unix Customizations and Oracle Performance tuning units.


At the National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC), Mr. Zutshi designed and programmed many HR and Payroll reports and helped upgrade NAS from PeopleSoft 1.0 to PeopleSoft 4.0.

Associate Computer Analyst

At PRC Inc. (McLean, VA) Mr. Zutshi participated in a PeopleSoft HRMS 3.22 to HRMS 4.0 system upgrade. Under the supervision of a team lead, Mr. Zutshi analyzed upgrade comparison reports and redeveloped customized applications for the new PeopleSoft version.

Assistant Computer Analyst

At PRC Inc. (McLean, VA) Mr. Zutshi performed development tasks on an in-house PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials implementation. Mr. Zutshi developed Purchase Ordering (Beta at the time), Payroll and Benefits panels, records and PeopleCode. Mr. Zutshi also tuned long running SQR programs and batch jobs as part of the performance tuning team. He also worked on many interface and conversion programs to the Deltek financial system, and various direct deposit and EDI systems for various banks.

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