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Traditional (Old) Golf Club Names

There are no real equivalents between the factory matched sets of today and the old fashioned sets which were customized for the individual player. The list below is a best approximation and is purely for fun.

Modern Club Traditional Name
Driver Play Club, Driver
2 Wood Brassie
3 Wood Spoon
5,7 Wood Baffy, Baffing Spoon
1 Iron Cleek, Driving Iron
2 Iron Cleek, Midiron
3 Iron Mid-Mashie
4 Iron Mashie Iron
5 Iron Mashie
6 Iron Spade Mashie
7 Iron Mashie-Niblick
8 Iron Pitching Mashie, Pitching Niblick
9 Iron Niblick
Wedge Jigger, Chipper
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